Indigo Mountian


Blue Spotted Bengal Cat

Born 2003

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Denali's story is fairly typical of most Bengal cats needing to be rehomed.  She was the "Queen"  of the house for several years.  She received all the attention she could ask for and was quite spoiled.  Then the family dynamics changed when a human baby came along.  As the child took up more of her parent's time Denali began to act out by urinating in inappropriate places. Eventually, Denali learned she could gain the much desired attention by howling just outside the baby's bedroom at night.  As time went by the use of carpets and furniture as a litter box became more and more intolerable for the family and Denali had to go.

She moved to Indigo Mountain in the winter of 2008 and quickly found she was once again the "Queen" of the cattery.  She is a very loud, vocal,  self-assured cat and tends to bully the other Bengals, yet she is extremely friendly with humans.  Her litter box usage is still questionable so adoption has been difficult.