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History of the Center

Throughout the 1990s Sue Cranston and Carol Scarborough rescued wolfdogs from animal control agencies, humane societies and from individuals who could no longer care for their pets.  As the calls began to multiply it quickly became clear that their small grassroots rescue was in great demand.  It was also plain to see that there were few responsible, qualified homes for wolfdogs and there was a huge need for sanctuary space.

In 1999 they began research and planning of a new sanctuary and began the long process of becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  In early 2000 they purchased a parcel of land nestled in a peaceful mountain valley that was adjacent to National Forest and State lands.  It was the perfect place to build a sanctuary for wolfdogs and bears.  They obtained all the conditional use permits and licenses and began building.  By May, 2000 the first animals moved into their new homes and the facility has continued to grow ever since.  The Center has earned a national reputation for excellence in caring for a variety of species. Today, Indigo Mountain is home to black bear, sugar gliders, hedgehog, hybrid cats, wolfdogs, coydogs and a few unadoptable dogs.

In the 1990s Carol and Sue began offering a small number of wildlife education programs to local schools, clubs and community organizations.  Very quickly the programs took off and Indigo Mountain began partnering with some Colorado State Parks throughout the Front Range.  They also spent tireless hours working with Animal Control agencies, Sheriff departments, Humane Societies and Shelters.  After 14 years of business,  Indigo Mountain's educational efforts are in greater demand than ever before and our phenotyping services are called upon nationwide.