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In March, 2011 we learned of a horrible cat hoarding situation in Arizona.  A woman had been producing an assortment of cat breeds including Siamese, Scottish Folds, Pixiebobs and Bengals for a number of years. When she became critically ill that winter, she relinquished all ownership of 96 cats to the Purebred Cat Breed Rescue (PCBR). They went to work on the monumental task of finding homes for each of the cats immediately.  The cats had been housed in colonies and indiscriminate breeding had occurred.   PCBR found all sorts of mixes when they stepped in to care for them. On top of that, many of the cats were feral.  This is where Indigo Mountain came in. We agreed to provide sanctuary and rehabilitation to several Bengalbobs. They are a mix of Bengal and Pixiebob.   Early in April, 2011 PCBR arranged to transport a large number of cats to Colorado and brought us Sedona.

She was approximately two years old when she arrived. She is quite shy around humans, but seems to enjoy the company of other cats. She has acclimated quite well to Indigo Mountain however she does still hide at the sight of most people.


Brown Spotted Bengal-Bob

Born: 2009

Indigo Mountian