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Sue Cranston

Sue has extensive experience handling animals from tiny tree frogs, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, mink, raccoons, fox, coyotes, river otter, bobcat and lynx to big cats, black bears, wolves and wolfdogs.  She gained a large amount of experience and knowledge in animal care, behavior and cage construction by volunteering in the sanctuary and rescue field for years before co-founding Indigo Mountain in 1999.  Her experience and background in the business world helped to prepare Sue for the many business management and marketing tasks required of her job as Executive Director.

As President of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director, Sue is responsible for the general business management of the center in addition to the day to day care of a number of canines, cats, bears and pocket pets.  She also develops many of the wildlife education programs. 

Sue holds certifications in Veterinary nutrition, chemical immobilization, animal behavior and animals in disaster.  This training has enhanced her abilities to provide excellent care to the Indigo Mountain animals.

Sue is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, The Pet Professional Guild, The Animal Behavior Management Alliance, Hedgehog Welfare Society, and Sanctuary Workers and Volunteers Association.  She is also very active as the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Southern Colorado Animal Coalition and the Vice Chair of the Pikes Peak Community College Zoo Keeping Technologies Advisory Board.