Indigo Mountian



Born 2005

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This handsome boy came to Indigo Mountain in 2009 as part of the  Timber's Pack Rescue.   Just prior to Christmas 2008 we received a plea for help from a rescuer in Colorado who had hit hard times.  She was loosing her home and had eleven canines she needed to place before the new year.   We weren't very successful in finding homes locally, so she turned to private rescuers throughout the US to help find homes for most of the animals.  Originally Suye'ta was going to stay with his owner.  She constructed a small habitat in her new home and relocated Suye'ta and a female wolfdog.  Unfortunately, it did not work out.   Suye'ta was not happy in his new surroundings and quickly began tearing up the cage he was in and then the inside of the house.  After a short period we were asked to take Suye'ta in.

Suye’ta now lives with Shastina. The two of them hit it off quite well.  He follows her all over the enclosure like a little puppy.