Born 2006 est.

Rescued from Timber's Pack Rescue


We don't typically rescue Newfoundlands at Indigo Mountain, but this boy had some special circumstances and an unusual job. Newfies are said to be "working dogs", but we don't think they meant as a wolfdog babysitter when they set out to write the breed standards.  Heart came to Indigo Mountain in 2009 as part of the Timber's Pack Rescue.  Just prior to Christmas 2008 we received a plea for help from the owner of Timber's Pack when her small rescue facility hit hard times. She was loosing her home and had eleven canines she needed to place immediately.  We weren't very successful in finding homes locally, so rescuers throughout the US stepped in to help find homes for most of the animals. However, Wahya, a high content wolfdog proved to be a difficult one to find placement for. Because of trust and shyness issues we were unable to find him a qualified, permanent home.  With no possibilities and time running short we decided to bring Wahya here. To keep him happy we also brought Heart with him. The two boys had lived together since Heart had been found running the back roads of Colorado in 2006. He and Wahya had become heavily bonded to one another and continued to stay together until Wahya died. 


Heart is a very sweet, docile Newfie.  He can still be very playful, but today his favorite thing to do is flop in your lap and cuddle.  Today, Heart spends most of his time inside lounging on the couch.

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