Marble Bengal Cat

Born 2007

Rescued from an independent Bengal Rescue


Sasha's first two years of life were a little rough. She was surrendered to an animal shelter at a year old because her growling and aggressive play scared her owner's child. When they found no takers she was transferred to a second shelter where she did not pass the Felinality assessment due to aggression stemming from high arousal levels and high prey drive.   A local Bengal rescuer was alerted to her situation and made arrangements to save her from euthanasia but had no where to place her. So in February 2008 Sasha came to Indigo Mountain.


She is a very affectionate, sweet cat with an overabundance of energy. In her exuberance she often soft bites as a way of getting attention and unfortunately uses her claws far too frequently. She's a big girl, weighing in at just over 15 pounds. We are attempting to work through these behavioral issues with clicker training and giving her items that are appropriate for shredding.