Born 2006


Biologists such as Adolph Murie, Gordon Haber and David Mech have studied free ranging wild wolves throughout North America for decades.  Scientists have also thoroughly studied captive-born wolves since Rudolph Schenkel began his studies in the 1940s, however very little research has been done on wolfdogs.  So we began a long-term Wolfdog project at Indigo Mountain in 2005 which focuses on development, social behaviors, learning, training, enrichment and nutrition. Our studies are carried out through observation  and documentation and use no aversive methods or invasive procedures.  It is our hope that the information gathered will help wolfdog owners gain a greater understanding of their companion animals and raise the bar in animal care and husbandry.

Satinka is a verified 85% F3 wolfdog. She is the dominant female in our study pack. She micro-manages everyone in the pack, and is highly protective of Kobuk. But she is the friendliest, most outgoing animal in the pack. She greets everyone with a very exuberant scent rolling. After demanding all the attention from new people in her habitat she will usually go into pocket diving mode in search of some sort of tasty treat.