Low content Great Pyrenees, Malamute wolf mix

Born 2007

Transfer from Nebraska Humane


In September, 2007 the Nebraska Humane Society asked for our help in placing a number of animals that had been confiscated from a backyard breeder nearby. They had 50 animals ranging from dogs, wolfdogs and a bobcat all in need of homes. Once the breeder was convicted, the judge signed over the ownership of all the animals to the Humane Society. They quickly transported six very low content Great Pyrenees-Malamute-wolf mix puppies from two different litters to us.  


Most of the puppies were placed in approved, experienced homes rather quickly.   But Shastina and her brother Grand Teton had to be quarantined.  They had arrived with runny noses and heavy congestion.  So off they went to the veterinarian who thought they might be in the early stages of pneumonia and put them on medication.  When they had still not gotten any better after two weeks of antibiotics we took them back to the vet where we were told it looked like canine influenza.  It took the better part of 3 months to get them healthy and congestion free.


About the time the pups were healthy enough to be adopted out Teton was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia and panosteitis so it was determined that he would remain at the center.  Because Shastina and Teton were so heavily bonded during their months of quarantine it was decided that Shastina would also remain with us as Teton's favorite companion.   However, as the pups grew up she became too much for Teton’s hips.  She was high energy and loved to climb and jump on anyone and everyone. 

At 11 years old her climbing and jumping days are now over and she leads a much more sedentary lifestyle hanging out with Heart.

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