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The 6 I's

Regardless of the animal's content most wolfdogs share six basic characteristics that we call the 6 I’s. 

  • Independent

  • Intelligent

  • Inquisitive

  • Ingenuity

  • Inventive

  • Intensity


They tend to be very independent creatures with a high level of intelligence that leads to an inquisitive nature not seen in most dog breeds.  This leads to equally high levels of ingenuity and their inventiveness will never cease to amaze most people.  Wolfdogs are clever, resourceful, and have amazing abilities to problem solve.  We have seen wolfdogs drag dog houses under a tree to help them climb higher to chase a squirrel.  We have also witnessed them opening a microwave and a refrigerator after watching a person do it.  It is their nature to be highly independent and a bit on the stubborn side.


These animals can also be very sensitive and reactive to their environment and depending on how well socialized they are and how closely related they are to a pure wolf, a wolfdog will react to things in their environment with variable intensities.  The general rule of thumb is the higher the content and the more closely related to a pure wolf the more intense the reactions.  This intensity level is what most first time wolfdog owners are not prepared for.  The high degree of emotional excitement  or extreme reaction is difficult to describe, but once you see it in person you will never forget it.  It can be seen in all kinds of situations from overly excited greetings that will put the human on the floor to the depth of reactions they demonstrate at fearful, nervous or tense situations.

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