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Yosemite Sam


Born 2012

Owner Surrender

Yosemite Sam came from a young couple near Colorado Springs. They heard somewhere that a female wolf doesn’t go into heat until her second year and mistakenly believed that their yearling wolfdog would follow the breeding cycle of a wolf.  So they did not take the necessary precautions to separate the pair prior to breeding season, or preferably spay & neuter the two.   When the dam gave birth and refused to nurse the little puppy, the couple didn’t know what to do.  At that point they reached out to another wolf center and were told they use a goat milk formula.  So they began to feed him plain goats milk from a bottle while on his back like you would do with a human baby.  He aspirated on the milk and it quickly led to lung problems.  After a few short days they contacted us for help.  They didn’t know what to do and Sam was getting sicker and weaker.  We initially told her to get him to a vet and gave her a more appropriate formula recipe.  They tried, but by that point he no longer had the strength to suckle and called us once again.  It was at that point that we agreed to take him in and they delivered him that afternoon.

Sam spent the better part of the next month in front of the vaporizer and on heavy medication to clear up his lung problems. On a good diet he began to thrive and grow into a big, handsome boy. 


Sam has gone through a heavy socialization program in hopes of making him a wonderful diplomat for his "breed".  He logged all kinds of miles in the van, was introduced to a variety of people, places, sounds, sights and surfaces.  He was also enrolled in a puppy socialization class and has gone on to learn a number of commands.

Unfortunately, he suffers from an eye condition known as pannus so he has to visit the vet frequently and does much better in heavily shaded habitats.  He currently lives with Indigo Breeze.  The two of them are always rough housing and playing.

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