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Animal Rescue

In our 22 year history Indigo Mountain’s services have been called upon for help in saving individual animals in need to much larger scale rescues involving dozens of animals.  We are called upon by animal shelters and animal control to phenotype wolfdogs and place a variety of exotic animals that they cannot or will not try to find homes for.  As a small sanctuary we know we cannot save them all, however, we can save a large number of them by networking with other rescuers who share our philosophies.  By working together we are able to place a large number of the animals in dire need of a home.   On average we work to help with the placement of 90-100 animals each year.
In addition to our Animal Rescue team Indigo Mountain is also called upon to provide other rescuers with animal behavioral evaluations, home evaluations and numerous wolfdog phenotype assessments. For more information please visit our  Phenoytyping Services page.


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