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Indigo Mountain offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for those who have a sincere desire and commitment to wildlife education  and animals.  The sanctuary needs enthusiastic people who love animals to join the staff of volunteers in areas of Animal Care, Education, Fundraising and Marketing.  Volunteers are also needed for special programs including construction and maintenance.


There are many reasons why you should become a volunteer and share the joys that come with your involvement.  Volunteering at Indigo Mountain offers a chance to enrich your life through a better understanding of the natural world and earth's vanishing wildlife.  You will have the opportunity to develop special relationships with others who share a common interest.  You can gain valuable training and interact with some of the most unique animals in the world.  


The Animal Care volunteer program consists of different levels carrying varying responsibilities and commitments.  There are a limited number of Animal Care positions available.  If you are interested in applying for a volunteer position please contact us for a Volunteer Application.

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