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You can imagine what an animal sanctuary of our size goes through on any given day.  These are a few of the items Indigo Mountain needs.



Food                                Enrichment Items                  Office Supplies              Animal Care

Dog Food                        Dog toys                                    Printing paper                  Paper towels

Cat Food                         Cat toys                                      Envelopes                         Liquid Detergent

Fruit                                 Stuffed Animals                        File folders                       Bleach

Vegetables                      Perfume & Cologne                                                            Cat litter

Chicken                           Condiments                                                                          Latex gloves

Beef                                 Fire Hose                                                                               Stainless Steel buckets

Fish                                  PVC pipe                                                                                Sponges

Dairy                                Boomer Balls                                                                        Broom

Eggs                                                                                                                                 Mop

Fruit Juice                                                                                                                       Trash bags

Nuts                                                                                                                                Ziplock gallon bags

Peanut Butter


Bird Seed


String Cheese


                                 Equipment                      Appliances                     Construction Equipment & Tools

                                 Heavy Duty hoses           Refrigerators                   Power Tools

                                 Rakes                                 Freezers                           Welder

                                 Shovels                             Walk-In Freezer                Chainsaw                                                                                          

                                 Pooper Scoopers            Chest Freezer                   Skidloader

                                 Wheel Barrows                                                           Forklift

                                 Trash Cans                                                                   Ladders

                                 Snow Shovels                                                             

                                 Wood Chipper

Construction Materials                                 Vehicles


Concrete                                                             ATV with plow           

Cedar Stain                                                         Utility vehicle                               

3/4" Plywood                                                      Stock Trailer



Treated poles 10 & 12' x 6"     

Tightlock 96" Game Fencing                          

Welded Wire

Cinder blocks

Play Sand

Landscape timber



Gift Cards                                                           Medical Supplies

Petco                                                                    Syringes

 Petsmart                                                             Needles

 Lowe’s                                                                  Dan Inject Darts

 Home Depot                                                       Alcohol       

 Costco                                                                 Peroxide

 Walmart                                                              All Medical Equipment


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