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Through the Years- Arctic

Arctic wolves and high content arctic wolfdogs are born a charcoal coloration and spend the next few months phasing to white.

High content arctic wolfdog at 2 weeks old has the charcoal body with a lighter colored head.


















The same puppy on the Left at 3 weeks old.  His brother on the right is a piebald coloration due to severe in-breeding of the line. Their mother and father were siblings.  In some cases years of line breeding can lead to variations in the color of puppies.




















At 4 weeks the charcoal color is lightening up and he has grown long white guard hairs.






















At 7 Weeks the charcoal color has diminish further















By his 8th week only the tip of his tail and his muzzle retain any dark coloration.
















At 9 weeks even the muzzle is beginning to fade


















By 6 months he has turned a creamy white color and he has a thick winter coat coming in

At 1 year his legs have grown a bit and his winter coat is in thick.  Notice there is still a tinge of dark tipped guard hairs on his back.






















At 2 Years his coat is a creamy/white color with black tipped guard hairs on his saddle


















At 3 Years he is a solid creamy/white color


















At 4 Years old the creaminess has faded to white

Not much has changed at 8 years old

or by age 10

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