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Companions for Life

Everyone has a different perception of a Responsible Owner. To us, a responsible owner is more than just providing food, water and shelter for your pet.  It means providing for your pet's every need for the life of the animal. It means giving the animal a family and a home. Whether your choice of pet is a golden retriever, tabby cat, goldfish, wolfdog or sugar glider it is important that you research the species or breed thoroughly before obtaining it.  Every breed or species has its own characteristics and not everyone is right for every animal.  These characteristics or quirks are often what the breed was developed for in the first place.  Researching the characteristics of the breed or species will help you decide if that animal is right for you.


A responsible owner should:

  • Adhere to all city, county, state and federal regulations. 

  • Carefully research ownership and choose a species or breed that fits your lifestyle

  • Research and obtain from a reputable rescuer or breeder

  • Thoroughly understand that ownership is a lifetime commitment, no matter how the circumstances change and commit to a lifetime of care

  • Thoroughly understand and provide appropriate animal husbandry techniques and dietary needs

  • Provide veterinary care for your animal

  • Socialize your animal

  • Keep animals contained in confinement that is conducive to the animal’s physical and psychological needs

  • Understand that irresponsible actions affect all animals 

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