Born 2011

Owner Surrender


Dakota has been bounced around a bit in her short life.  She was sold by her breeder to an individual in Texas, who turned around 4 months later and placed her with another individual.  The second owner put her up on Craigslist for adoption less than 2 months later.  A woman in Colorado saw the advertisement and arranged to adopt her.  But there were a couple of problems. This individual lived in an apartment on the third floor, had cats and absolutely NO wolfdog experience.  After only a few short days of apartment living it was clear that Dakota needed something more than her new owner could offer and clearly needed someone with more experience.


It is not surprising that Dakota is very unsocial and required some special handling to help her through her fears and insecurities. Dakota arrived at Indigo Mountain in October 2011.  Each day she learns to trust a little bit more and has clearly learned that people don't always fail wolfdogs.  She is very playful with Tekini and is a lot of fun to watch when she gets wound up.