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Gray Cloud


Born 2013

Rescued from an animal shelter

Gray Cloud came to us as part of a small rescue in the mountains of Colorado we had helped with.  Her parents had gone to a shelter and we helped locate a qualified, responsible home for the adults.  At the time of the rescue the shelter wasn't aware that the female was pregnant.  A short time after being re-homed the female gave birth and the stress of everything was just too much for her and she walked away from the one surviving puppy.  We were then asked to provide the puppy a home.  Gray Cloud came to us with some difficult health issues including a major eye infection and a small break in a rear leg.  After a few months she was thriving and doing great.  She was heavily socialized to all our volunteers and was enrolled in puppy socialization class to help her learn to deal with all kinds of things that life could throw at her.


Cloud has matured into a beautiful wolfdog who remains very playful and knows few strangers. She is heavily bonded to her mate, Mangas.

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