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Low Content Traits

The low content wolfdog is the perfect starter animal for those wanting to venture into wolfdog ownership.  They make better companion animals and are easier to manage, easier to socialize and train, and most importantly they are more forgiving than mid or high contents.  You can make a mistake and not have to live with the consequences for the rest of the dog’s life.  These animals are much more adaptable to urban living and easily fit into an active outdoor lifestyle with you.  They usually love to go for car rides or long hikes with their owners but can be equally happy at the dog park or sitting at the local coffee shop with you.  At home they tend to be less destructive, and less likely to dismantle the furniture.  They typically lack the high prey drive seen in highs and are generally better with smaller pets and children although no large breed dog should be trusted 100%.


They behave like a super smart dog and look more like a northern breed dog with some slight modifications that don’t quite fit the dog standards.  You are more apt to see blue eyes or party colored eyes, tall thin ears that lack a lot of fur.  Their coat will feel and look more like the dog in the mix with less of the bushiness and a lot less ruff around the head.  Their eyes tend to be rounder and more often brown than the deep amber we find in wolves and the tail will hang differently and in some case curl on top of the croup.


Like the mid content they will go into heat at any time of year and often have 2 cycles a year.  We see a lot of the lows born Aug-Nov and again in Mar-June.

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