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Red Hawk


Born 2014

Owner Surrender

In the Spring of 2014 we were called about a litter of wolfdog puppies needing a home.  Their mother had become so ill she could no longer nurse the litter and the breeder did not want to be bothered with bottle feeding the puppies.  They were scheduled for euthanasia that afternoon if we refused to take them.  ​They all came to Indigo Mountain with an an upper respiratory infection and quite debilitated.  For the first 3 weeks with us the entire "wuppie" pack were on heavy medication and we weren't sure they would all come through the illness.  Over time they began to rebound, grow and become strong healthy puppies.

Hawk seemed to have a more severe case and had to be rushed to the vet clinic where he spent an entire day in an incubator on antibiotics at only 2 weeks old. Thankfully, he pulled through with flying colors and has been growing ever since Red Hawk does exhibit some shyness and is a little slow to warm up to people.  He likes to sneak up behind people to sniff hair and ears.  Once he feels he is safe his favorite thing to do is slime hair and nuzzle necks.  He's a sweet, good natured  boy.  He is currently going through training to help him build confidence and learn better manners.  He seems to excel in problem solving and clicker training. 

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