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Wolfdog Registries & Breed Clubs

There have been a number of wolfdog registries come and go over the past decades.  Some made valid attempts at setting a breed standard for wolfdogs.  Some were designed to verify lineages that would help to determine each dog's content however they were not capable of actually verifying a percentage.  Today very few of the organizations are still in existence.  It is quite the alphabet soup, but here is a list of a few of those wolfdog registries:


Iowolfer Association  (closed)
LupineAwareness  (closed)
National Esquimaux Dog Association (NEDA)  (closed)
National Wolf Hybrid Association (NWHA) (closed)
United States Wolf Hybrid Association (USWHA) later became USAWA (closed)
United States American Wolfdog Association (USAWA) (closed)
Wolf Breeders Association (WBA) (closed)

World of Lupines Foundation


Other registries were simply personal registries set up by breeders to track their own offspring.   Here are just a few:

American Wolf Hybrid Alliance (AWHA) - Randy Riggs

 Native Amerindian Dog Association- (NADA) - Nick Federoff

North American Indian Dogs (NAID) - Mark Klemperer

United States Hybrids - Vickie Spencer

Wolf Breeders Association (WBA) - Charles Dysart

Wolf Hybrid Registry Association (WHRA) - Pam Usry

World Wide Wolf Registry (WWWR) - Vickie Wick

There are a few Dog Registries that will register a wolfdog however they do not verify the information given on the application.  These registrations are highly suspect and should be questioned.  They are not known for verifying backgrounds of the animals.  Some of the Dog Registries that have issued paperwork on wolfdogs are:

Continental Kennel Club (CKC)
Dog Registry of America (DRA)
United All Breed Registry
United Kennel Club (UKC) AKA UKC Intl.
World Wide Kennel Club (WWKC)

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