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Indigo Mountain does a lot more than rescue and provide a lifetime of care to the animals.  We provide much needed wildlife outreach programs to children and adults throughout Colorado.  These programs have been designed to inspire personal involvement and understanding of the natural world.  They teach how to successfully live and safely recreate with our indigenous wildlife in Colorado. Programs educate the public of the plight of wildlife in an effort to prevent endangerment and extinction of entire species and maintain the delicate balance of nature.


Our Programs Include:


Balance of Nature:

Explore the critical impact wildlife has on the ecosystem and our quality of life and learn the importance of all wildlife from bunnies to bears!


The Three Little Pigs Lied:

This storytelling program is geared towards young children.  We talk about the myths and fairytales that have lead to the near extinction of the wild wolf.  


Colorado Wild Dogs:

Delve into the habits and habitats of the canine species in Colorado.  We explore the 4 species of fox, the coyote and the extirpated gray wolf.


Colorado Wild Cats:

This presentation looks at the world of the bobcat, Canadian lynx and the mountain lion and teaches how to coexist with them safely.


The Bears and You:

A bear safety and awareness program that teaches people how to live and play in bear country.  It also delves into the bear's characteristics and behaviors to give you a better understanding of the black bear.



Busting the Myth of the Big Bad Wolf.  Everything you always wanted to know about these elusive predators including their characteristics, behavior, habitat and social hierarchies.  We do a thorough examination of the importance of the wolf in nature.  



Please contact us for more information or to book a program.

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