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Through the Years- Agouti



Here is a progression of photos to show the changes in coloration in high content wolfdogs through the years:

A Gray Phase or Agouti High Content Wolfdog:



At 10 Days the body will have a dark gray or brown color and a slightly lighter head.  The coloration of the tips of the guard hairs will give you a preview of the adult colors.













  At 2 weeks the coat color has begun to lighten just slightly

At 3 weeks the bright blue eyes have opened and a slight mask has begun to

develop on the muzzle.  The paws and legs have also begun to lighten.




















By the 4th week the puppy has begun to get longer guard hairs and brillo-like light colored underfur.



















By the 5th week more of the agouti coloration has begun to develop.  The legs are clearly a light gray color and the muzzle has begun to change drastically starting at the nose and working its way towards the stop.




















Over the next few weeks minute changes occur in the coloration.  At 6 weeks



















At 7 weeks


















Between 8-10 weeks the high content puppy begins to grow much longer and sleeker guard hairs and very long ears!  At 10 weeks


















By the 14th week they almost look like a miniature wolf.























At 6 Months




















At 8 Months



















At 1 Year the canine is about 85% of its full size






















At 2 Years the body has begun to fill out.




















At 3 Years there are vague signs of phasing to a lighter color.


















At 4 Years the wolfdog is now full grown, weighing approximately 100 lbs.

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