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Through the Years-Brown

A Brown Phase High Content Wolfdog

At 3 weeks this little boy is beginning to show brownish colored tips to this charcoal coat and his head is getting a darker brown color










At 5 weeks


























At 7 weeks this little boy has already begun to develop the long guard hairs and the lighter colored legs











At 4 months the pup’s eyes have changed to a light gold color and his markings are quite dark.



At 1 year



At 2 years


At 3 years his winter coat has begun to lighten some, but he still has a dark mask




By his 5th year the mask has faded tremendously and the hairs on the top of his back and sides have lightened that much more.



At 7 years his mask is completely gone and most of his previous dark coloration no longer exist.

at 8 yrs

At 9 yrs

At 13 year

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