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Through the Years-Black

A Black Phase High Content Wolfdog:

The phasing seen in blacks is often much more dramatic than in agoutis or browns.

1 Day Old  (Puppy on far left corner)




















13 Days old this little guy is solid black with a white star on his chest. Wolves and high content wolfdogs will often have white markings on the chest, however, white markings on the rest of the body are not typically found unless they are a low-mid content wolfdog.
















Like the Agouti colored animals at 3 Weeks the muzzle has begun to lighten slightly and longer guard hairs have come in.

















At 5 Weeks (on left)


















At 6 weeks (on Left)














At 8 Weeks






















At 14 weeks light coloration has come in around the eyes.  An indication of what is to come.















By 17 Weeks the white flecks previously found around the eyes have moved up and around the forehead and ruff.

















At 3 Months




















At 9 Months small amounts of white can be seen under his forelegs, on his stomach and flecks of white frame his forehead.























At 1 Year





















At 2 Years his paws and forelegs have white coloration and his muzzle has already begun to phase






















At 3 years the once small star on his chest is working its way around the chest and the muzzle and head are much whiter






















By his 5th winter the legs are showing quite a bit of white coloration as are the insides of his flanks and around his head.

















At 6 Years old the phasing continues to slowly progress.



During his 8th year the white begins to work its way around the flanks and up his sides.  His muzzle is now very white and the hair going up and over the forehead to the neck is now heavily flaked in white.









At 9 years







At 10 years



















At 11 years

























At 12 years





















To clearly illustrate how black animals can phase differently the following set of photographs are of the black phase above’s sister from the same litter:


At 5 weeks (on right)


At 2 years old in her summer coat


At 3 years old she has phased to a whiter color than her brother at the 8 years old. 





At  5 years old



At 6 years old only remnants of black remain












At 8 years old it is hard to tell that she was ever solid black.















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