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Mid Content Traits

You will find the largest range of looks and behaviors in the mid content wolfdog category.  Animals on the higher end of the  mid scale will have easily discernible wolf features and some recognizable dog traits that will keep it from being bumped up into the High Content category. It will demonstrate a bit more intensity and sensitivity in its behaviors yet not to the extreme that is seen in a high content.

The mid content will have some wolfier traits, but takes on an equal portion of the characteristics of the northern breed dogs that usually make up the mix.    Their behaviors are also a bit watered down as compared to the high content.

Typically you will see more of a dog-like pattern to their coat, slightly taller and pointier ears with a bit less fur.  The body may resemble more of a blocky style than the sleek look we find in a wolf.  The shoulder and hips may also carry more of a look of the malamute, shepherd or husky.  They can vocalize like a dog or a wolf and there breeding cycle can be anytime of the year and can happen more than once per year. 

Like the High Content these animals require heavy socialization to offset shy, fearful or skittish behaviors but they are extremely smart, easily trainable and not quite as independent as the high content.  They can be housebroken with some work and can easily live in the house but supervision is required.  Outdoor containment is a must to let them get their exercise.

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