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Indigo  Mountain offers a last chance for a life of compassion, love, dignity  and respect to captive-born wildlife and alternative  pets.  The sanctuary provides a lifelong home to abandoned, abused,  confiscated, or unwanted animals such as black bear, wolfdogs, coydogs and Bengal  cats.

Wildlife Education

A large part of our mission involves  wildlife education.  Indigo Mountain offers a variety of education programs to schools, parks, clubs and organizations.  They are a fun way for kids of all ages to tame their curiosity for the wild world and foster a desire to preserve and protect animals



In our 18 year history Indigo Mountain’s services have been called upon for saving individual animals in need to much larger scale rescues involving dozens of animals.  We are called upon by animal shelters and animal control to phenotype wolfdogs and place a variety of exotic animals that they cannot or will not try to find homes for. 


Help our Cause

Indigo  Mountain depends entirely on your tax-deductible gifts to care for the  animals.  No donation is too small.  We receive no funding from the  state or federal government.  We work hard to keep our administrative and management costs to a minimum so that we can stretch our donor's  dollars as far as they can go for the care, feeding and housing of the  animals.

Please help support the animals with your tax deductible donation through our secure Colorado Gives account.   Thank you for your support!


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